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All things must pass, oil on aluminium, 78.5 x 103 cm, 2011.


This double portrait of George Harisson is inspired by his emblematic song (and his successful triple album with the same title) “All things must pass”. This phrase comes originally from the Bible, (Matthew 24:6-8) and means that nothing can last forever.


George, who was probably the most spiritual of the Beatles, became involved with Eastern philosophy from an early age and lived accordingly the longer part of his adult life. Ironically, although quite younger than the rest of the Beatles, he was the first who passed away by natural causes.


In this painting I tried to portray George’s impressive growth, from a Liverpudlian teenaged guitarist, to a mature intellectual who, passing through the stage of the famous Beatle and the acclaimed musician, debunked all relevant myths to focus on the true meaning of life and his spiritual values.


Adapted to the axiom “all things must pass”, the main portrait is integrated with the surrounding space which consists of numerous tiles and seems to be in a constant motion.


The predominant color blue is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, spirituality, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue also represents serenity, contentment, inner peace and spiritual development, all the strong features of Georges’ personality.


Keywords: george harisson, blue, music, song, painting, smyrnios, pop art, op art, inner peace, spirituality, development, evolution, space
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