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Are diamonds a girl’s best friend? oil on paper, 100 x 70 cm, 2018.


Because of my professional background in graphic design I was involved in digital technology since the early 90s. Before that I was using traditional techniques as I had an academic training in methods that date back centuries, including lessons in anatomy, figure drawing, composition, and oil painting techniques.


Today, I am more into painting and most of my works are based on the combination and interweaving of digital and conventional practices. But quite often I long for working in the academic way I was once taught, although this kind of realism has been viewed as less progressive, or even retrograde.


This painting, executed with oil paint on Bristol paper of 300 gr, portrays a young lady who is trying to clip on (or maybe to unclip?) a diamond necklace. A jewel associated with great fortune, fame and glamour. Since a diamond necklace is considered the highest expression of style and refinement, the clothes must rise to the same quality level and meet the elegance expectations. This seems to be the case with the lady’s blue ultramarine and white laced dress. All the above should claim that “diamonds are the girl’s best friend”, but is this really confirmed by the expression on her face? That is up to the viewer to decide.


Keywords: smyrnios, oil painting, conventional, portrait, woman, diamonds, ultramarine, necklace, happiness, expression, lace dress, green eyes
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