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Pleiad, acrylic, ink, pastel on paper, 57.7 x 93.7 cm, 2016.


A surrealistic female figure inspired by the myth of the Pleiades. (In astronomy, Pleiades is an open star cluster located in the constellation of Taurus).


The head of this figure, built up by stars in a dark sky background, adds mystery to the picture, while the torso is formed by stripes (my favorite way to obtain an Op Art effect).


Mixing various media such as acrylic, ink and oil pastels gave an interesting, smooth texture to this work. Some parts of it are extremely detailed in order to achieve a fine, rather surrealistic character.


Keywords: smyrnios, painting, pleiades, greek, mythology, astrology, op art, torso, surrealism, magic, dots, stripes
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