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Pop still life for two. Oil and acrylic on aluminium plate, 103 W x 78.5 H x 0.2 D cm.


This painting makes evident the influence I got from the early pop art of Britain (being European myself), which focused on the dynamic imagery of American popular culture, viewed from afar. Its powerful, manipulative symbolic devices were portraying patterns of life such as (the society’s) prosperity.


The painting became significant by the choice of a universal and recognizable image -the face of Marilyn Monroe- and its depiction as a mass product, but in a context of fine art.


In other words, this work doesn’t just focus on a popular image, but rather indicates how this image may be perceived by people in our time: as a well-recognizable mass product.


For its implementation, there was used the visual language of optical art according to which, “the combination of the moving and the static eye that lies at the heart of the painting has the power to fascinate and compel human attention”.


It is remarkable how representational painting and optical art can coexist harmoniously in a rather abstract space, all within the framework of the freedom that pop art can ensure.


Keywords: Pop Art, Op Art, Marilyn Monroe, portrait, still life, champagne, glasses, bottle, plant, pot, oil painting, contemporary
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