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Pythia and the crow, acrylic, pastel, conte on paper, 69 x 98.5 cm, 2017.


The Crow as a symbolic bird, knows the unknowable and acts as a guide to change that will bring a new reality. It offers the courage to enter the darkness of the void, dwelling outside the realm of time and space, with the power of transformation.


As a shamanic animal, the Crow conveys in my painting, the oracle to the priestess Pythia of the Apollo Temple, at Delphi. Could this enigmatic prophecy deal about the catastrophe of our planet?


It’s quite remarkable that in modern Greek, the term “korakistika” (i.e. the language of the crows) means incomprehensible words, either of an unknown language or due to a very specialized terminology.


Keywords: smyrnios, painting, greek, sculpture, pythia, delphi, crow, oracle, ancient, history, shamanic, enigmatic, carmine red
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