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The yellow submarine, oil on aluminium, 78.5 x 103 cm, 2011.


I was greatly influenced by the Beatles and their endless experimentation, as they brought revolutionary innovation and creative advancement, not only in music but in the whole world of contemporary art.


In the works where I refer directly to them, their life and music, I tried to capture specific aspects of their historical era.


This painting is inspired by the songs “Yellow Submarine” and “Octopus’s Garden”, with Ringo Starr on lead vocals. Although both songs sound rather simplistic (sometimes thought of as being songs for children), they received various social and political interpretations at the time of their release.


However, the “peace and love” spirit of this era, which has also been characterized as Apollonian, is reflected in the kind-hearted smile of Ringo, who emerges from the blue-green seabed.


This is the first work in a series, where I tried to combine pop and op art elements, in order to achieve a personal, original style.


Keywords: beatles, ringo starr, yellow, blue, green, submarine, octopus, music, song, sixties, painting, smyrnios, pop art, op art, peace and love
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