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Under Nike’s wing. Digital work.

Instead of any comments and explanations about this work, I’d like to publish a short story, a dream of mine that I wish it would become a dream of our collective mind.


Purified Greece: Fiction in a comic manner.


August in Paris. It’s been a while since the night has fallen but it’s still hot.


The Louvre has closed for the day and the museum guards relax and lie low.


Nike flaps her wings and flies out of the building through the open skylight on the ceiling. She rises high and disappears into the night sky.


In a few hours she will land on the soil that gave birth to her, 22 centuries ago. There, together with her sister Via (Violence), she will implement a purification plan and execute it rapidly.


It is the fulfillment of a prophecy from the oracle at Delphi saying that “the most righteous is the most beautiful”.


At first the righteous, the innocent, the children, the adolescents and all animals will be lifted into the skies, where they will be protected.


The crooked and the depraved will be thrown into Kaiadas, and will be delivered to the fires of hell. Others will follow, all those who consciously crippled and exploited whole generations, disintegrating the souls of the young – and not only them – by showing them patterns of corruption and reducing them to swinging bodies for the pleasure of a ruling class, who controls the channels of mainstream stupidity, alienation and whose vulgarly injures human dignity.


Not a single cell of the corrupt ones will survive. Those who know Frank Miller and his work (in Greece he became widely known through the movie “300”) can easily imagine a scene where the “bad” are eliminated as in the pages of his Sin City comic series – it’s the same kind of villain here, the same race, worthy of a devastation in the true merciless Miller style.


The Greek soil will open to swallow all ugliness and squalor, leaving the surrounding nature, the ancient sites, the museums, the galleries, the libraries and everything else that truly promotes culture, untouched.


The land will not be destroyed – only purified, the righteous will not be devastated but encouraged and history will not end here but continue.


Just before dawn, Nike will return while the news of this historic event will spread like fire in every corner of the planet.


During the following months, millions of young people with the urge to create, will gather in Greece from around the world and transform the purified land into a vast construction site.


In a few years Delphi will be announced as the spiritual center of the planet where the most capable intellectuals and artists will gather. A new era for mankind will begin. It will be known as the “Second Renaissance”.



Keywords: Nike, Greece, purified, Delphi, Louvre, corruption, youth, blue, marble, sculpture, Samothrace
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