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Cosmic reflections – Torso I, mixed media on paper, 100 x 65,6 cm, 2020.


In this original mixed media painting I have depicted a lying female torso, in front of a blue and white background which implies a vintage botanical pattern wallpaper.


The curving body has been occurred by interweaving figurative painting with computer generated geometric forms, in a rhythmic composition.


The work incorporates a color sensuality, as the torso curves with their austere black outlines guide the eye around the painting surface, revealing a colorful play of different polarities: warm and cold; light and dark;feminine and masculine; analog and digital; flat and three-dimensional; pragmatism and romanticism.


This vivid painting was inspired by the mystical belief of certain pioneers of Modernism that rhythmic forms in pure colors can reflect the forces of the cosmos.


Keywords: smyrnios, mixed media, painting, rhythmic, sensual, female, torso, composition, cosmic, digital, vivid, colors, blue, white, red, green, reflections
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