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Dripping Smile, oil and enamel on aluminium, 39.8 x 50 cm, 2019.


My favorite subjects include “paraphrases” (remakes) of well-known masterpieces, as I consider Art in its long history to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration. My intention is neither to make a parody nor to satirize the chosen works, because I have a great admiration for these artworks and their creators. My purpose is to recreate them in a new form and with a different style, aiming to emphasize their indelible and timeless value.


This particular work, based on Johannes Vermeer’s (1632-1675) “Girl with a pearl earring”, is painted with black and blue oil paint on aluminum plate, in a way that resembles a dripping technique, often used in expressionistic styles, street art, etc. The black vertical stripes that form the girl’s face intrigue the visual perception of the viewer and add to the work a hallucinatory op art character. In that way, the iconic portrait becomes more provocative for viewers, especially for the younger generations who can communicate easier and more efficiently with it.


Keywords: smyrnios, painting, visual perception, op art, pop art, portrait, street art, vermeer, pearl earring, paraphrase, dripping, stripes, iconic
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