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Hey Alice, lets play!, acrylic and oil on aluminium, 77 x 51 cm, 2019.


This unique optical work was inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland. From everything that is mentioned in this fabulous novel, I have distinguished the playing cards, for the symbolism of their suits and the significance of the game in our life.


Working in a playful mood, I created a visual game which can be quite challenging for the viewer’s perception. I have used a pattern composed by the card suits (recognizable and perceived at the first glance), but within this pattern I have also formed the face of a young lady. The viewer may experience some degree of difficulty in order to see this face, depending on his distance to the work (the longer the distance, the clearer becomes the image of the face).


The success of this double image painting lies in its concept, since it aspires to share some of the Wonderland magic which is masterly described by Lewis Carroll in Alice’s Adventures. The work is signed and dated on backside.


Keywords: smyrnios, painting, iconic, portrait, alice, wonderland, black and white, op art, pop art, pattern, visual perception, playing cards, double image, magic, symbolism, rhythm
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