Paul Newman interprets God Hermes, digital draft, 2009.


Praxiteles’ Hermes is not only a wonder of art but also represents the ideal of masculine beauty that was conceived in ancient Greece and has survived into the present day.


Paul Newman stood out as much for his talent, his irresistible charm and wit, as for his principles and deeds, offering the public not only outstanding performances as an actor (in more than 65 high-quality movies) but also important charity work.


Looking at the faces of male Hollywood stars, I noticed that quite a few of them had the classical proportions of the ancient Greek ideal. Yet, I considered that Hermes should be incarnated by Newman, as he mostly deserved the honor because of his noble character and the integrity he showed during his whole life.


The transformation from one face to the other takes place in three delicate steps.


It’s worth noticing that there is a sense of cinematographic movement from Hermes’ head that is shown in straight profile, to Newman’s head in a three-quarters position.


Keywords: smyrnios, digital art, paul newman, portrait, cinema, greek god, transformation, beauty ideals, praxiteles, hermes, modern aesthetics, masculine


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