The poetry of the right angle, oil on canvas, 80 x 80 x 2 cm, 1981.


This painting also belongs to the collection “Geometry’s Feast”, having a concept based on the triangle postulate, which states that in Euclidean geometry the sum of a triangle’s angles is 180 degrees (two right angles).


Τhe dynamic composition, enriched with miscellaneous elements, involves in addition to triangles of different kinds, circular arcs and straight lines perpendicular to each other, but also a grid of nine squares.


This complexity activates the visual interest of the viewer, by offering various playful contrasts, while at the same time, it adds to the work an intense kinetic rhythm. On the other hand, the existing proportions ensure its absolute harmony, whereas the selected colors and their combinations contribute, in their own way, to this vivid visual play.


Keywords: oil painting, smyrnios, triangle, postulate, arcs, lines squares, grid, red, blue, dynamic, composition, modern art, abstract, geometry, rhythm, contrast, harmony, proportions, color
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