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Torso in free movement, oil on paper, 69 x 98.5 cm, 2019.


This artwork reflects the way I experientially realize/observe a Greek statue of the classical period, (in this case a female torso), and how I choose to reform it.


Despite their damages over the centuries, most of these sculptures still maintain their liveliness, mainly due to the fact that they were increasingly expressive and naturalistic in movement. This characteristic excites and inspires me to review them in a new artistic concept.


In order to reveal the values of human form by depicting it in stances of movement, I emphasized its curves by dividing the entire torso in vibrating stripes. The same approach is followed in the robed bottom.


The coloured stripes emphasize the body’s movement, while they make an indirect reference to classical statues that were usually brightly colored.


A dramatic contrast to the vibrant body is enriched by the scratches on the worn dark blue background. The artistic goal here was to use specific visual elements in order to create a contemporary figurative artwork, which – apart from main visual values and artistic virtue, will ensure personal style and originality.


Keywords: smyrnios, painting, iconic, rhythm, harmony, blue, curves, greek, classical, sculpture, form analysis, stripes, torso, female, movement, originality, virtue, style
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