Two divine bodies as one, digital draft, 2009.


A cold March night in 1960, Federico Fellini shoots the famous “La Dolce Vita” scene at the Fontana Di Trevi. The northern “goddess” Anita Ekberg, half-naked inside the fountain, raises her right arm, playing with the water, while the great director captures some of the most legendary frames in the history of Cinema.


It was not an easy decision to use Niki of Samothrace in this context, despite my enthusiasm for conceiving the initial idea when I realized how well Anita’s body was suited to the body of Niki. And this because the statue of Niki became a unique symbol of beauty in the state it was found, with no arms and no head. On the other hand, Anita does not need any wings to become more divine than she already appears to be in “La Dolce Vita”.


Nevertheless, I decided to realize my initial concept aiming once again to present the consistency of the ancient Greek ideals in various modern art themes and philosophical positions. At the same time, my aim should be considered a tribute, as much to the unknown sculptor of Niki as to Federico Fellini and Anita Ekberg.


Keywords: smyrnios, digital art, fontana di trevi, la dolce vita, federico fellini, cinema, niki of samothrace, beauty ideals, greek, greece, anita ekberg, divine, goddess, modern aesthetics, two in one, history


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